Olivia Garden


DUO display with 12 brushes

Product Details

Integrated mirror

A mirror is included on the back of the Olivia Garden antistatic Duo brush (does not work for the Holiday Allure display). This brush therefore is perfect for traveling; a brush and a mirror always at hand. Combined to another mirror, you have the possibility to have a look at the back of the hairstyle.

Anti-static bristles

Electrostatic charge of the hair is an eternal problem with hair care. As it is caused by friction, the effect occurs during the brushing. Anti-static bristles, as on these Olivia Garden brushes, prevent efficiently the charge of the hair with static electricity for straight and shiny hair.

Pneumatic cushion

The air cushion, in which the bristles are embedded, decreases the hair resistance and increases the bristles' flexibility. The brushing is therefore gentler and the scalp is being protected. The sturdy bristles ensure an ideal grip during the brushing.


When it comes to choosing the correct hairstyling tool, the weight is an important factor. A heavy brush can quickly cause a strain on your wrist, arm and shoulder, especially in case of fancy hairstyling. The lighter a brush, the more comfortable and easier to handle it. Ultra-light brushes by Olivia Garden are made for relaxing and ergonomic styling.