Olivia Garden


Product Details

Firm bristles

This Olivia Garden brush is ideal for thick or coarse hair that needs maximum tension. To straighten, add volume or soft curls.


The Ion-technology used in the combs and brushes by Olivia Garden reduces the static electricity of the hair. The cuticle layer of each hair will be closed which effectively prevents the hair from drying out. This results in a healthy, radiant shine and an easier styling. Especially for frequent hair drying, or the use of other heat-based technologies, ionized brushes offer the best protection.

Extreme heat resistant

The latest innovation from Olivia Garden: Exclusive Nylgard™ Bristles with unmatched heat resistance of up to 290°C - lets you create superior & longer-lasting hairstyles.

Hand-Crafted wood handle

For good grip and safe use, the handle of a brush is very important. It should not slip during the hair brushing and fit perfectly in the hand. Thanks to the anti-slip material, these Olivia Garden brushes are held securely in the hand to ensure a maximum comfort.


The brushes of the Olivia Garden Ecoceramic Series are deliberately designed according to a sustainable concept and are biodegradable.

Unique Patented Handle Design

The Olivia Garden brushes are designed for more comfort and perfect handling. Attention is also paid to seemingly irrelevant matters. Not only the bristles are designed for fewer tangles, even the body underneath the barrel is attached seamlessly, to create an absolutely Snag-Free experience during the brushing.