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Kidney Brush

Product Details

Kidney Brush Dry Detangler

It is designed for an easy detangling and smoothing of dry hair. Moreover, it is made of seamless Tension-Flex 0,7mm bristles of even length inserted in the 326 holes of the cushion.

Kidney Brush Design

The first ergonomic paddle brush that finds its place in the hollow of your hand. This anti-static and anti-slippery brush is soft on the hair and the scalp. The Kidney brushes are delivered in their luxurious individual boxes.

Kidney Brush

Available in 2 cushion colors: black and red.


When it comes to choosing the correct hairstyling tool, the weight is an important factor. A heavy brush can quickly cause a strain on your wrist, arm and shoulder, especially in case of fancy hairstyling. The lighter a brush, the more comfortable and easier to handle it. Ultra-light brushes by Olivia Garden are made for relaxing and ergonomic styling.