Olivia Garden


Product Details

Handmade with high quality Japanese steel

The high-alloyed Japanese VG-10 Steel with a high level of Cobalt & Carbon makes this shear extremely hard and gives it´s outstanding stability.

Lightweight, perforated blades for perfectly balanced cutting

The perforation on the upper blade provides an unmatched balance while cutting the hair. The powerful convex blades ensure a maximum sharpness and an excellent wear resistance.

Ultra-sharp and durable blades

High quality materials matched with hand honed masterful craftsmanship gives the Cara shear an ultra-sharp & extremely long-lasting edge. Thanks to this combination it is a very precise cutting tool for a smooth and easy cut for all hair textures.

Ergonomic handle design

Olivia Garden focuses specifically on an ergonomic handle design. The balanced and comfortable handling of the Cara shear can be individualized with a removable finger rest.

Perfectly smooth ball-bearing pivot mechanism

The integrated ball bearing system ensures a very smooth handling. Additionally it is very easy to adjust the tension, due to the very precise and thin dial.

Extremely lightweight and ergonomic handle design

The unique design is not merely a visual highlight, it provides a better balance and an incomparable handling for everyday use. The comfortable offset handle and a special thumb curvature keeps the hand relaxed and in a natural position. The optimal finger rest position ensures effortless cuts with all fingers.

Professional quality for an accessible price

The quality and features of the Cara shear in combination with a recommended sales price of 199 Euro is unmatched on the market.

VG-10 steel with an ultra-sharp & extremely long-lasting edge

The requirements of extreme durability and cutting performance are perfectly fulfilled with the Cara shear of Olivia Garden. The unrivalled alloy of VG-10 steel gives the shear strength and stability. The hardness of this material minimizes the effects of wear and is the basis for the extreme sharpness of the blades.

Extensive accessories

The Cara shear meets the high standards of professionals. No wishes should remain open in regards to the accessories. The Cara set includes 2 newly developed changeable silicone finger rings in different sizes, which are very soft and supple, a cleaning cloth, an oil brush and an exclusive case.

Removable finger rest for more comfort

For your custom set-up the Cara shear can be used with or without finger rest. Giving you unique freedom to handle your shear.