Olivia Garden



Product Details

Rubberized handle with Velour-like surface

For good grip and safe use, the handle of a brush is very important. It should not slip during the hair brushing and fit perfectly in the hand. Thanks to the rubber handle, these Olivia Garden brushes are held securely in the hand, without getting slippery. A soft and gentle touch highlighted by the velour-like surface.

100 % Boar Bristles

Wild Boar is a natural product which, for high-quality brushes, represents a quality feature in itself. The 100% pure boar bristles used in our brushes, smoothen the hair during styling and add shine and volume to it.

Heat-Retaining Aluminum

There are many factors for a brush to accelerate the hair drying while blow-drying. This includes in particular the choice of materials, a choice made with the greatest care at Olivia Garden. An aluminum barrel retains the heat very well, whereby it will be passed directly onto the hair while brushing, to accelerate the hair drying and making it gentler.

Optimized Air Flow

The hair-drying should ideally be fast with a beautiful and even result - without overheating and drying out the hair. Large air holes in the barrel of Olivia Garden brushes provide a better airflow. Result: a faster and more effective styling.

Snag-free ring

The Olivia Garden brushes are designed for comfort and perfect handling. Attention is also paid to seemingly irrelevant matters. Not only the bristles are designed for less tangle, even the ring underneath the barrel is self-contained, to prevent the hair from hooking in the ring during the brushing.


When it comes to choosing the correct hairstyling tool, the weight is an important factor. A heavy brush can quickly cause a strain on your wrist, arm and shoulder, especially in case of fancy hairstyling. The lighter a brush, the more comfortable and easier to handle it. Ultra-light brushes by Olivia Garden are made for relaxing and ergonomic styling.