Olivia Garden

Carbon + Ion

CARBON+ION pouch with 4 SC combs

Product Details


Carbon has some outstanding features which make our comb a high quality product. It is extremely resistant and almost unbreakable. Furthermore a carbon comb can resist a heat up to 220°C (440°F). Despite its impressive hardness, it is very light.


The Ion-technology used by Olivia Garden in the combs reduces the static electricity of the hair. The cuticle layer of each hair will be closed, and therefore will prevent effectively the hair from drying out. This result in a healthy, radiant shine and an easier styling. Especially for frequent hair drying, or use of other heat-based technologies, ionized brushes offer the best protection.

Stimulating scalp massage

The teeth of these Olivia Garden combs are carefully rounded. Hair and scalp are efficiently protected when combing. Moreover, these rounded teeth provide a nice scalp massage, thereby increasing the blood circulation, stimulating hair growth and preventing hair loss.

Highly Visible Cutting Marks

The Olivia Garden carbon combs are designed for professional use. These high-tech combs are not only made of material of excellent quality, but also feature highly visible cutting marks allowing precise haircuts.