Daisy Ridley Oscars How-to

The 88th Academy Awards 2016

WHO: Daisy Ridley, Presenter/Actress

HAIR BY: Celebrity Hairstylist, Robert Vetica for Olivia Garden

INSPIRATION: “Her look is young and cool, and at the same time very modern. For the inspiration, I drew from very structural hair styles, things that were molded organically, with twists and folds, and then the other end of the spectrum – looks that were fashion forward and crafted in a more technical, architectural way. In the end, I took my favorite parts from each of those looks and combined them together, for a style that was high end but still fresh!” – Robert Vetica for Olivia Garden

1. Since Daisy has shoulder length hair, I incorporated a hairpiece to achieve the style, not only for length, but for extra volume as well. To prep it, I applied an oil to smooth out the hair and brushed the product through with Olivia Garden’s Divine Care & Style.

2. I prepped Daisy’s hair with a heat protectant and volumizer which I brushed through with Olivia Garden’s Healthy Hair Eco-Friendly Ionic Vented Paddle Brush.

3. To create extra volume to anchor the updo, I started blowdrying her hair upside down. Once the roots were mostly dry, I began a typical blowout and shaped her hair with Olivia Garden’s Ceramic+ion Thermal Round Brush.

4. Then, I sectioned off the very top section of hair at the crown and clipped it away to focus on the bottom half of the head. I brushed the rest of her hair with Olivia Garden Style-Up Teasing Brush into a top knot right at the base of the crown. I used a lot of hairspray to create a clean tight look to the top knot, which was the base of my ponytail.

5. I then went back to the top section and used the Olivia Garden Style-Up Teasing Brush to back comb the roots and create the perfect shape at the crown. I also secured this section into the top knot (created in the previous step) with pins.

6. I took my 22” long prepped hair piece, wrapped it around the top knot and secured with pins. I sectioned the long ponytail off into two and twisted each section down the length of the pony. At certain points, I used clear elastics and bobby pins to secure the twist and finish the sculpted look.

PRODUCTS: Divine Care & Style, Healthy Hair Eco-Friendly Ionic Vented Paddle Brush, Ceramic+ion Thermal Round Brush & Style-Up Teasing Brush


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