Mandy Moore

2018 LA Premiere of Sci‐Fri Thriller
The Darkest Mind

WHO: Mandy Moore, Actress

HAIR BY: Celebrity Hairstylist, Ashley Streicher for Olivia Garden

INSPIRATION: Our inspiration for this look was cool, summer, & pretty. We had an option between a white, more “buttoned up” pant suit and this Carolina Herrera dress. We all unanimously chose the dress. It just seemed more appropriate for a hot summer premiere. For beauty, we wanted to keep it effortless and cool.

1. We started this look with a fresh haircut, she needed one and I wanted to cut a few more layers around her face for the look.

2. Then I blow dried the hair out using the new Ceramic + ion Hair Dryer and an EcoHair Bamboo Combo Vent Brush. I just wanted a smooth, wavy blowout that I could finish my cut on. This allows hair to lay natural and loose, but in formation so I can see exactly how her cut falls. After we finished the haircut, I went through her hair with some texturizing spray to give her soft hair some added texture. I then used the smaller EcoHair Bamboo Combo Vent Brush (2 1/4") on all of the face‐framing damp pieces.

3. Once she had texture, we wanted a clean center part. I then loosely started pinning her textured waves back into a low chignon. Twisting and pinning, keeping the front part out so that it felt loose and thrown up. After her chignon was in place, I gave it a light spray of full control hairspray to keep in place and block humidity.

4. For finishing touches, I used my favorite tool, the Style‐Up Folding Teasing Brush, to pull flyaways and small pieces out to keep the look soft and effortless.


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