Gemma Chan

2019 Golden Globe Awards

WHO: Actress, Gemma Chan

HAIR BY: Clariss Rubenstein for Olivia Garden

INSPIRATION: We wanted Gemma’s look to be more modern & youthful because of the gorgeous detail on the back of her dress. My goal was to create a texturized braid instead of just a classic bun or knot.

TIPS/TECHNIQUE: We started this look on Gemma’s dry hair and then dampen it a bit so that product would absorb nicely. To create volume, I applied a thickening cream starting at the roots making my way to the ends of her hair. To ensure that product was evenly distributed and there were no knots, I used the iDetangle Brush. I then sectioned Gemma’s hair and started to blow dry it with the Ceramic + ion Hair Dryer & EcoHair Combo Brush to create volume throughout.

After Gemma’s hair was completely dry, I brushed through the mid to ends of her hair using the EcoHair Thermal Brush before running a curling iron in the same area to create a slight bend. I then used the Divine Care & Style Boar Styler to brush through the curl, giving it a more natural look.

I used my fingers to create a ponytail and began to divide the hair to create a messy loose braid that could easily malleable. I then pinned the braid up to create a textured bun. To create a bit of texture around Gemma’s face, I applied a thick hairspray to my hands and ran them through pieces to emphasize wispy ends. To finish the look, I sprayed the bun with hairspray to ensure hold.

Olivia Garden hair tools used:


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