Debra Messing

2019 Golden Globe Awards

WHO: Actress, Debra Messing

HAIR BY: Master Stylist, Robert Vetica for Olivia Garden

INSPIRATION: We wanted Debra’s look to be chic and sleek. My goal was to create something that was effortless but glamourous at the same time.

TIPS/TECHNIQUE: We started this look with Debra’s wet hair. I applied mousse to give her hair consistency and hold. I then used the Ceramic + Ion Hair Dryer to blow dry Debra’s hair and used the EcoHair Thermal Brush throughout while drying.

After Debra’s hair was dry, I created a neat middle part. I then applied hair extensions to the hair to create extra volume and texture. Once the extensions were in place, I used the Ceramic + Ion Hair Dryer and started to sweep her hair behind her ears. I then applied a small amount of hair gel and worked it through the ends of the hair to create shine and additional texture.

To keep the top of Debra’s hair sleek and flat, I used the Divine Care & Style Boar Styler Brush to tame any frizz or flyaways. Lastly, I curled the ends of her hair and applied Styling Spray to ensure hold for the night.

Olivia Garden hair tools used:


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