Cate Blanchett

2020 Golden Globe Awards

WHO: Actress, Cate Blanchett

HAIR BY: Celebrity Hairstylist Robert Vetica for Olivia Garden

TIPS/TECHNIQUE: We started out with Cate’s clean wet hair and then applied mousse to give strands some texture and volume. Once the mousse was evenly distributed, I used the Ceramic + ion Hair Dryer to dry Cate’s hair. To create a natural, smooth wave while drying, I used the Private Collection Ceramic + Ionic Round Brush and created a side part. Then I applied a small amount of hair spray to keep the part in place.

Next, I sectioned Cate’s hair and used the Ceramic + Ion Flat Iron to create natural waves on the ends. After the hair was curled, I then used the Style-Up Combo Folding Teasing Brush starting at the root and began to back comb the top portion of her hair to create volume.

Once the hair was swept back and in its desired shape at the nape, I applied bobby pins and pinned the hair into a loose knotted bun, allowing for some pieces to naturally fall out. Since it was going to be a long night, we wanted to make sure the look would hold, so I applied hair spray lightly throughout.

Olivia Garden hair tools used:


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