Dakota Johnson

2020 Gucci Osteria Opening in Beverly Hills

WHO: Actress, Dakota Johnson

HAIR BY: Celebrity Hairstylist Mark Townsend for Olivia Garden

INSPIRATION: For the opening of Gucci Osteria, Dakota had the idea of luscious 70s inspired waves for her hair and I thought it would be perfect since the restaurant has a retro vibe.

TIPS/TECHNIQUE: I started out by liberally applying mousse throughout Dakota’s damp hair to create texture. Then I used my Ceramic + ion Hair Dryer and Ceramic + ion small round brush to blow out the hair while achieving lots of volume.

Next, I took 3 inch sections of hair and sprayed them with hair spray and used my Ceramic + ion Flat Iron to twirl the hair into long, loose waves. To add extra volume, I sprayed dry shampoo on her roots at the crown and backcombed the roots.

Lastly, I sprayed dry conditioner all over her hair for added smoothness, and then brushed out the waves and finished with hairspray on the waves. This gives the hair lots of shine and keeps the hair luscious and touchable all night.

Olivia Garden hair tools used:


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