Rebel Wilson

2020 Academy Awards

WHO: Actress, Rebel Wilson

HAIR BY: Celebrity Hairstylist Robert Vetica for Olivia Garden

INSPIRATION: “The inspiration for Rebel’s look tonight was retro Hollywood glam. To achieve this, we created natural curls and added rhinestone accessories which really elevated the look.”

TIPS/TECHNIQUE: We started with Rebel’s wet hair and applied a small amount of mousse to the roots to create lift and maintain hold. Next, I brushed through Rebel’s hair with the NanoThermic Round Brush and began to blowdry it using the Ceramic + ion Hair Dryer.

Once Rebel’s hair was dry, I created an exaggerated side part. I then sectioned her hair starting at the top of her head and applied mousse before beginning to go through each section with a straightner. Once the product was evenly distributed, I used the Ceramic + ion Flat Iron to create waves by twisting and turning each section in an S motion with the iron.

Next, I pinned the curls using my fingers to ensure hold and continued to do this along the perimeter of her head. I took the remaining pieces of Rebel’s hair that were not pinned and pulled them behind her left ear. To ensure the pieces would hold, I used the Ceramic + ion Flat Iron for some added heat, sprayed, and then secured with a bobby pin.

Once the hair was set, I removed the pins and brushed through the curls using the Divine Care & Style Brush. I then used the Style‐Up Folding Teasing Brush to tease the roots and create shape. To maintain the shape of Rebel’s hair, I used flat clips to keep the integrity of the waves. To finish off the look and add something special, I applied a gold rhinestone KITSCH chain to the left side. Lastly, I sprayed a generous amount of hair spray to ensure hold for the night.

Olivia Garden hair tools used:


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