Anya Taylor Joy

Saturday Night Live

May 23, 2021

WHO: Actress, Anya Taylor Joy

HAIR BY: Celebrity Hairstylist Gregory Russell for Olivia Garden

INSPIRATION: I was inspired by the style of the clothing to create a classic voluminous 1960’s style.

1. Starting on damp hair, I used Mousse through the roots and blew out with the Ceramic + ion Hair Dryer and 1 1/4” EcoHair Bamboo Thermal Round Brush. I then set each section with a clip to cool.

2. Once complete, I sprayed hair with Hairspray to set hair.

3. Once hair fully cooled, I removed clips and sprayed each section with more Hairspray, allowing time to set, then brushed each section through with EcoHair Combo Paddle Brush, repeating until all hair was down.

4. I then sectioned off the first 2” from the hairline out and clipped away.

5. I brushed the crown section with Style-Up Combo Teasing Brush for volume and then smoothed and tied hair into a half up style, using a regular hair tie and spraying flyaways with more Hairspray.

6. I then I clipped and parted the hairline section and incorporated underneath the hair tie.

7. I used Ceramic + ion Flat Iron on the ends and front pieces of hair to add extra shine and smoothness.

8. I finished with Hairspray to provide lasting hold to the style.

Olivia Garden hair tools used:


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