How-To: Aphrodite Beauty
Step-by-Step Tutorial

Hair Stylist: Steve Elias

Olivia Garden Hair Tools:
Double Clip, Healthy Hair ionic bamboo paddle brush
NanoThermic round thermal brushes & Style-Up teasing brush

STEP 1: Section front perimeter of hair & secure with Double Clips. Create a high ponytail on back of head and tie with elastic band.

STEP 2: Smooth out sides of ponytail using the back side of the Healthy Hair ionic bamboo paddle brush.

STEP 3: Section ponytail into three 1” sections. Barrel curl dry with NanoThermic round thermal brushes. Leave brushes in hair to set curls.

STEP 4: Tease & smooth small sections of hair from the front perimeter with the Style-Up teasing brush. Wrap entire front hair around hand, roll under & secure with bobby pins.

STEP 5: Gently unroll & remove all brushes from ponytail.

STEP 6: Tease hair in ponytail with the Style-Up teasing brush to create volume & lift. Spread & mold with fingers.


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