How-To: Venus Desire
Step-by-Step Tutorial

Hair Stylist: Steve Elias

Olivia Garden Hair Tools:
iDetangle hair brush, Double Clip Petite, iBlend brush,
Ceramic+ion round thermal brush & Style-Up teasing brush

STEP 1: Gently brush & detangle hair with the iDetangle hair brush.

STEP 2: Section hair & secure with Double Clip Petite. Apply styling product onto bristles of iBlend brush.

STEP 3: Evenly saturate hair using iBlend brush to distribute styling product throughout entire head of hair.

STEP 4: Clip hair with Double Clip Petite to set hair in wave formation.

STEP 5: After hair is dry on top, barrel curl hair under with a Ceramic+ion round thermal brush & blow dryer.

STEP 6: Tease hair on the underside with Style-Up teasing brush. Tuck bottom ends under and secure with bobby pins. Apply finishing spray to hold hair in place.


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