How-to: Freya Magic
Step-by-Step Tutorial

Hair Stylist: Steve Elias

Olivia Garden Hair Tools:
Fingerbrush, Double Clip Petite, Ceramic+ion Supreme Combo Brush
& CarboSilk Technical Comb

STEP 1: Gently brush and detangle hair with the Fingerbrush vented hair brush.

STEP 2: Create a top knot
v-shape section on the crown of the head.

STEP 3: Brush front section of hair into a slick top knot with a Ceramic+ion Supreme Combo brush. Tie with an elastic band.

STEP 4: Take a 1/4” section of hair, smooth out with the Ceramic+ion Supreme Combo brush. Wrap hair around elastic & secure end with bobby pins.

STEP 5: Use the CarboSilk technical comb to tease hair using the lacing technique on entirety of head (French lacing involves combing small sections of hair from the ends toward scalp causing shorter hair to mat at the scalp & form a cushion or base for added volume).

STEP 6: Smooth out perimeter of hair with the Ceramic+ion Supreme Combo brush. Set with a soft workable hair spray.


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