How-To: Amaterasu Sun
Step-by-Step Tutorial

Hair Stylist: Steve Elias

Olivia Garden Hair Tools:
Double Clip Petite, Cara Shears, HeatPro Thermal Styler, PrecisionCut shears
& NanoThermic thermal round brush

STEP 1: Section crown of head with Double Clips Petite into 4 even sections with diagonal partings circling the head.

STEP 2: Create front anchor point to be used as a guide to cut along the side perimeter of hair.

STEP 3: Create back anchor point to be used as a guide to cut along side perimeter of hair.

STEP 4: Use Cara Shears to cut along the perimeter connecting the front & back guides. Continue to bring down top sections using the previous section as your guide to complete the cut.

STEP 5: Use the HeatPro Thermal Styler brush to wrap dry the hair around the head with the blow dryer nozzle pointing diagonally to follow shape of head. Repeat until the entire head is dry.

STEP 6: Complete final details & touch-ups with the PrecisionCut shears. Curl ends under with a NanoThermic thermal round brush to complete the look.


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